With determination comes prosperity.

I hate guys that expect you to compete with other women. I hate that they make you feel like you’re not good enough. I hate that I feel pressured to look my best all just to appease the male gaze. I hate that my dysphoria with passing and being pretty and stereotypically beautiful boils down to my relation to the men around me. I wish that someone loved me for who I was and will be and made me feel beautiful no matter what. I have a lot of growing to do but I wish I had a man by my side walking my journey with me.




Look at God’s work…

He’s so beautiful
Hello <3

Carl Anthony and Axel Serine by Emmanuel Giraud for Men’s Uno

I hate when white people say that I look exotic. Like, what the fuck does that even mean?!


"Gold Nights", Vogue UK, December 1987Photographer : Arthur ElgortModel : Yasmin Le Bon