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Working at the pyramid tonight.

Anonymous: Can you make video about coming out as trans at work and how you navigated that as a fellow TWOC? I work at Nordstrom Rack and is pretty liberal. My boss is a gay black male but you probably know all too well how they can still possibly be transphobic.

Hmmm, I will think on it and try my best to make a video that effectively addresses this. 




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Wet hair.
Late Night Thoughts

I haven’t truly documented my thoughts on here in a long while. I’m supposed to be sleeping since I have work in the morning but you know how that goes. The weekends are never long enough. Anyway, I had a moment where I stumbled upon my ex boyfriend’s twitter (I actually searched for him - don’t judge me lol) and realized his birthday was a few days ago. You all remember the ex I’m talking about right? The one that broke my heart during my senior year of high school or whatever… Yeah, well I saw his picture and he looks so much older. It took me way back. My mind started doing that thing they do in romantic comedies when the boy breaks up with the girl and then he lays back and sad music plays while all of their memories flash through the screen quickly and silently. Yup…. I thought about my whole life… up to this point. Like, I can’t believe I’m here now and can’t imagine where I’ll be going. I hope my life continues to look great for me - boyfriend or not. Not that a man really is that important lol. I’ve been single for 3.5 years now. I can do bad on my own apparently lol