With determination comes prosperity.
Substle yet drastic changes on hormone replacement therapy. 8 months today! The picture on the left in from june 2013 and the picture on the right is September 2014
I’m 21 today! 9.9.93

Photographed by Michael Thompson for Dutch, September/ October 1999
Rétday Eve
i love her so much

I’m pretty sad today. I finally got the attention of this amazing man I’ve been crushing on but then found out that he was engaged with a close friend of mine so I was forced to bow out and disassociate myself. I’m so sad. I really wanted to get to know him so bad and see what happens. I literally had butterflies in my tummy when he messaged me and now….. it’s all over for good. smh


 by jessedraxler
Anonymous: As a transwoman whose sexuality is indifferent, I can agree with that last anon.

^_^ aww <3 Thank you

Anonymous: I don't know if anyone's told you yet,but girl you're fierce. Keep setting a blaze to the hearts of all the men who see you. Hot.

wow thank you so very much for this affirmation <3