With determination comes prosperity.

I’m pretty sad today. I finally got the attention of this amazing man I’ve been crushing on but then found out that he was engaged with a close friend of mine so I was forced to bow out and disassociate myself. I’m so sad. I really wanted to get to know him so bad and see what happens. I literally had butterflies in my tummy when he messaged me and now….. it’s all over for good. smh


 by jessedraxler
Anonymous: As a transwoman whose sexuality is indifferent, I can agree with that last anon.

^_^ aww <3 Thank you

Anonymous: I don't know if anyone's told you yet,but girl you're fierce. Keep setting a blaze to the hearts of all the men who see you. Hot.

wow thank you so very much for this affirmation <3




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Kevin J. Taylor
Anonymous: How much did your survey cost *tg* and how long did it take to save?

What survey?