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Anonymous: Omg you're on Laverne cox Instagram! Lucky! and Pride looked so much fun! You NEED to make a video about it! Lol

lol yes I am. It was a cute time. Quite overwhelming and surreal having Laverne as the Grand Marshal and all those beautiful trans* women including myself walking by her side supporting her. And I’ll think about it haha

Anonymous: You are absolutely stunning!

Thank you, baby! <3

misterstealyogirl: i just want to let you know that i'm so proud of all the moves you're making. you're such an inspiration ❤️ i miss you and hope you're doing well!

Aww thank you so much, babe! I am just trying to find my place. I miss you too!!!!

Fuck Your "Ladylike"
I marched with my big sis, Laverne, yesterday. I&#8217;m so proud of her and was honored to share that space with her &lt;3
Anonymous: You should make a video about your coming out experience and when you first realized you were trans.

That would be such a boring video lol

But I’ll think about it

windyautumnday: You are soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!! <3

Anonymous: How did your parents respond to you coming out and being transgender?

My mom was very angry at first and shut me out but then after a while, she started enlightening herself and accepting me for the woman that I am. She now addresses me by the right name and pronouns. She does gender norm a LOT though which is annoying. My dad loves me because I am his child but he wants nothing to do with the trans* narrative.

Anonymous: Make more yt videos please! :D

I saweeee lol

I will try to make more. I promise. I just never know what to talk about lol

Anonymous: To you answer your question from the other anon.. Teas and Kikis is a show were trans people(not the tragically trans ones if you know what I mean) No shade!!! Talk about trans related issues or topics that come up in the media or in their life. It's a good show for trans youth. I think you'll be the perfect fit! You don't have to stay the whole 4 hours lol (some people don't) but it'll be nice to see another fresh faced black trans girl on the panel.

lol that sounds cute. Thank you for filling me in. You’re so right! More black trans* girls need to be represented. Is it ever just solely a panel full of black women or people of color?

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